Friday, April 20, 2012

Applewood Inn, Lexington, Virginia

Applewood Inn (Photo from their website.)
A few weeks ago, Marcia and I spent a couple of days in Virginia at the Applewood Inn .  Our main goal was to go llama trekking, but the beautiful scenery and the gracious hospitality of owners Chris and Linda Best were actually the highlight of the trip.  I've convinced Dan that he and I should go just for a quiet weekend (I might hike with the llamas again though).

Pretty bottles in the kitchen window.

More pretty bottles in the window of porch.
If you are looking for a nice getaway you will not be disappointed with the Applewood Inn.
Quilters Room.

Wonderful and healthy fruit cup for breakfast.
Linda's tulips.

I love this unusual color of the quince.

Lovely garden with a huge willow tree in the background.
Chaos, the llama for our trek.
Here's what my friend Marcia said about the Inn 
"Lexington VA is a beautiful mountain town, home to Washington and Lee U. and various historical attractions. The Applewood Inn is nestled among a scenic natural wonderland, almost surreally beautiful, amplified by redbuds at their delicious peak, tenderly cultivated gardens. It's about 4 hours from Raleigh; I'd recommend a 2-day stay, if possible, to enjoy lunch and dinner meals in Lexington. Take kids/grandkids and friendly pets along. This was a truly unforgettable birthday celebration thanks to long-time friend Pat Palmer. I'm so glad she decided to put llama trekking on her bucket list"

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