Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Welcome Spring with Supper-time Eggs

Supper-time Eggs.
Dan and I like scrambled eggs, but we more often have them for supper than for breakfast--I call them our Supper-Time Eggs.  I thought this would make for a spring-like meal to officially usher in Spring. 

I used two whole eggs and two egg yolks.  The extra yolks make for creamier and more flavorful scrambled eggs and give the eggs a brighter yellow color. (Maggie gets the left over egg whites).  I usually add just a bit of milk or cream to the eggs before beating, and  I cook them slowly in the skillet with just a bit of olive oil.  A drizzle of basil pesto is just the right garnish, and a few spears of steamed fresh asparagus on the side suggest that indeed Spring has arrived.  I toasted some whole grain bread in the oven with the broiler setting and topped the toast with cream cheese with chives before serving.  We enjoyed our Supper-time Eggs!

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