Monday, March 12, 2012

The Twisted Fork

Saturday night after watching basketball games all afternoon, we decided to eat out and  redemn our Living Social coupon for the Twisted Fork restaurant.  While waiting to be seated, I noticed the variety of drinks available in the front cooler.  Remember the old RC Cola?
And I couldn't help salivating over the desserts in the front bakery.  It's possible to buy whole pies and cakes here.
Doesn't this apple pie look divine?
Dan and I both had pecan crusted tilapia with a tomato jam as our entree, and Dan had a serving from their extensive salad bar.
Pecan crusted tilapia with tomato jam over rice pilaf and spinach.

Dan's salad plate.
For dessert we shared a piece of key lime pie.  Quite tasty.
Key lime pie.
It was a good meal, and Daniel, our waiter, provided wonderful service.  We recommend
The Twisted Fork.
Daniel, our friendly waiter.


  1. What a nice meal. Everything looks delicious, especially those desserts. I've bookmarked this for our next Raleigh trip.

  2. You will enjoy this place. They have quite an extensive dessert menu, and the desserts are all made in house.