Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Trekking With Llamas

Llamas at the Applewood Inn. (Photo by

Today Marcia and I are going to be trekking with llamas.  We're are at the Applewood Inn in Lexington, Virginia where they have Llama Trekking hikes.   So we're going out this morning for an adventure.
A llama looks out over the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu, Peru.
Photograph by Mattias Klum
The llama is a South American relative of the camel. These sturdy creatures are domestic animals used by the peoples of the Andes Mountain. Native peoples have used llamas as pack animals for centuries. Typically, they are saddled with loads of 50 to 75 pound.

Llamas are willing pack animals but only to a point. An overloaded llama will simply refuse to move. These animals often lie down on the ground and they may spit, hiss, or even kick at their owners until their burden is lessened.  (National Geographic Website).

You can be sure that we won't be overloading them with a pack during our hike.  And the only thing I'm worried about is getting "spit" at by the llama.  That and hiking for two miles!

Anyway I hope by the end of the morning I can check this off my "bucket list".  I'll post photos tomorrow. 

In any case, we've enjoyed our stay at the beautiful Applewood Inn.
Photo by

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