Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Scrap Exchange

While friend Marcia and I were gadding about the other day, we stopped by The Scrap Exchange in Durham.  The store which has been collecting and recycling industrial discards since 1991 defines its mission "to promote creativity, environmental awareness, and community through reuse".  They distribute reclaimed materials through their retail store, community events, parties and workshops.

The Scrap Exchange has an in-house art gallery dedicated to showcasing local artists who are using reclaimed materials in their work as well as a Marketplace where one can buy items made from recycled goods.
They have everything one could imagine, and if you are an artist or a crafts person or have projects for kids, this is your kind of place.  I bought a lovely cobalt blue etched bottle that I plan to use on my bottle tree (once I get one made).  The bottle is by artist Jeannette Brossart.

Jewelry made from Scrabble tiles.
Objects made from scrap metal.
Need a mannequin? They have them.
Lots of mirrors.
Old patterns.
This is indeed a fun place to gadabout.


  1. Thanks Grandpat (love that name), for featuring one of my favorite places in Durham!

    1. I really like the blue bottle and I look forward to hanging it on my bottle tree that I plan to make.