Monday, March 19, 2012

Redbud Out My Window

View from my desk to the west.
Now that we have rearranged our study. I have a wonderful view from my desk out the west window, and right now the redbud tree is blooming, and blooming a bit early I might add. Of course, it's an early spring here this year.  The redbud is a native tree, and this particular tree came up as a volunteer on our ivy bank, and we just let it grow.
Redbud flowers.
On the south side of our drive, several years ago we planted a cultivar of the redbud known as Forest Pansy.
Our Forest Pansy redbud.
This cultivar has heart-shaped leaves that are bright to reddish-purple when they first open and then when mature are a more muted purple.
Dark purple leaves of the Forest Pansy redbud.
An interesting feature of the redbud is how the flowers arise directly off the woody branches, a condition that botanists refer to as "cauliflory". 
Flowers arising directly from the woody branches of tree.
I like the redbud tree a lot, and it is a true harbinger of spring.

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