Thursday, March 29, 2012

March is the New April

Since early March, it has seemed like April around here.  We hardly had Winter!  The spring flowering is at least three weeks early, and the deciduous trees are leafing out much earlier than usual.  But, hey, I'm not complaining, unless of course that means we are going to have an earlier and a longer summer.  Our pink azalea out front has been in full bloom for over two weeks now.
The snowball bush began flowering in January.  It is full of blossoms now.  Some of them are still immature (greenish), but it won't be long until it will be completely full of white blossoms.
The dogwoods are almost in full bloom, and the redbuds are past their peak of flowering and are beginning to form fruit.  See the little green pod (legume) of the redbud on the left in the photo below.
Flowers and fruit (on left) of redbud tree.

And notice the leaves of the tulip poplar. So big already.
Leaves of the tulip poplar.
Our Japanese maple tree leaves are almost fully formed.
Japanese maple tree.

I am truly enjoying this early Spring here in North Carolina.

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