Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Firm & Burn with Jane Fonda

I go to the gym fairly regularly, but when Marcia and I were out shopping the other day, I suggested we look for the Jane Fonda low impact exercise videos that are designed for seniors.  I bought the Firm & Burn and Marcia bought the Trim Tone & Flex. We figure we will switch back and forth with these from time to time.  I began yesterday with the Firm & Burn, and I think I'm going to like it. This will be something I can do at home on days I don't get to the gym, and it will introduce a little variety into my exercise regime. It's actually a lot like dancing.

The entire routine (warm up, doo-wop, Latin, old school funk and cool down) takes about 40 minutes.  Although I can't do the whole routine yet,  I like the way there is a warm up and then you can choose which routines you want to do.  There is a live band to provide the music, and it is definitely a low impact workout.

The DVD includes a meditation segment, which I find quite relaxing.

You may want to check out her blog: Jane Fonda.
Fonda and I are the same age.  If I work with these videos, can I become as fit as she?  : )

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