Sunday, March 4, 2012

Eat Mor Chikin

The Cow at Chick-Fil-A
The Chick-Fil-A that opened in Cameron Village on Thursday is the first two-story Chick-Fil-A in the country.  Opening day was hectic with large crowds, so Dan and I waited to venture down on Saturday morning for breakfast.  Although we don't eat a lot of fast food, I must admit this Chick-Fil-A is quite nice. 
The exterior of Chick-Fil-A on a rainy Saturday morning.
Lower level dining area.
Friendly staff at order counter.
Dan ready for breakfast.

My whole grain bagel egg, cheese, chicken sandwich.

Painting in second level foyer.
There's a nice view out over the shops of Cameron Village from the second floor.  One can order food at the lower level counter then go up to the second level by stairs or elevator and your food will be delivered there.  We liked the second level because of the view.
View of shops of Cameron Village from second floor.
This is a nice addition to Cameron Village, and I'm sure the Broughton High students will enjoy lunch here often.   Broughton High is about two blocks from here. It is going to be convenient for Dan and me to pop in as well. We're about a mile from Cameron Village.  Maybe we will be eating "mor chikin".

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