Friday, March 30, 2012

Checked This Off My "Bucket List"

Chaos, our llama for the trek.
Chris Best of Applewood Inn giving us instructions on handling Chaos.
Hiking with llamas was something I had wanted to do for some time, and when I saw an article in the News and Observer, I decided this was my chance.  I convinced friend, Marcia, to go with me for this adventure.  And now I can check this off my "bucket list".  It was great fun.
Getting acquainted with Chaos.
Chaos' name belies his nature.  He is not chaotic at all, but quite gentle and very easy to lead. Once we had climbed a rather steep hill and reached the ridge, we had level ground for much of the two-mile hike.  And the scenery on this beautiful spring morning was spectacular.
Pat and Marcia at top of ridge with Chaos.
Our shadows.
Beautiful scenery. Note the mowed hiking trail along the ridge.
Linda of Applewood Inn joined us on the hike.
The last part of the hike took his down a steep hill and into the woods where we welcomed the shade.  It had gotten pretty hot.
In the woods.
Finally we reached the driveway back to the house and past a lovely weeping willow.
Whew, back at the Inn for a little rest before heading home.  But the hike was so much fun and the llama was adorable.
Marcia back at Inn for a rest before heading home.

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