Sunday, March 25, 2012

Catawba Valley Pottery and Antiques Festival 2012

Lot of pottery and antiques at the show yesterday.  This show is always a lot of fun.  Sales were good---I think the economy is improving.  And my friend and former student Natasha came over from Charlotte where she was visiting.  So good to see her.
My booth.
Daniel Johnson pot.
Bright green face jug.
My booth.

Jeff Young's pottery.
Blue Ridge in my booth.
My friend, Natasha, visiting at the Pottery Show.


  1. Looks like it was very nice.
    Your friend Natasha is beautiful....
    know you were glad to get to see her.

    1. Yes, Natasha is beautiful and she was an excellent student. Now she's married with three lovely children and living in Virginia with her hubby and kiddos. She was in Maine for a while and we would stop by on our way to NS to see her sometimes. But her husband's family is in Charlotte, in fact her mother-in-law is from Shelby.