Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wine and Cheese at the North Carolina History Center

The North Carolina History Center (Photo from their website.)

Wine and Cheese reception for antique dealers.

During the Antique Show in New Bern last week, Tryon Palace invited the antique dealers to a wine and cheese reception that included a tour of one of the exhibits in the North Carolina History Center and a lecture by Laura Crockett of the Antiques Roadshow.
Director Kay Williams introducing the group to the exhibits in the History Center.
Kay William, Director of Tryon Palace and the History Center, gave a brief introduction to the various exhibits in the Center, and we had a special tour of the exhibition "Connecting through Collecting".
Architectural elements in "Connecting through Collecting" exhibit.
Lecture by Laura Crockett of Brunk Auctions and Antiques Roadshow.
The highlight of the evening for me was the lecture by Laura Crockett of the Antiques Roadshow.  Through an entertaining slide show, she suggested ways that we antique dealers can educate young people on how to incorporate antiques to fit into their interior design.  Many young people today are choosing furnishings from Renovation Hardware, Pottery Barn and IKEA, for example.  Yet Crockett gave numerous examples of how to use antiques and vintage items in contemporary ways.

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