Wednesday, February 8, 2012

"Why don't you just buy one"......a car that is.

Yesterday with our 2005 Chrysler Town & Country fully packed and with Maggie, our "Heinz 57 terrier", in tow, we headed to New Bern for this weekend's Antique Show where I will be a vendor.  Instead of our usual route via Hwy. 70 through Goldsboro we followed the directions of "Jane Garmin" our GPS who had sent us down Hwy. 264 bypassing Knightdale, Zebulon. etc. We had decided we liked this route---few billboards, light traffic, 70 mph speed limit. 

About an hour out of Raleigh, the van began making this high-pitched screeching noise that quickly became a louder clunking noise.  I thought, "Wish I could call the Car Guys for a diagnosis." or "Where's Benji, our mechanic, when we need him?"  As we approached the town of Wilson, we exited the bypass and fortunately found Cox Chrysler and Jeep Dealer about a mile down the road.
Cox in Wilson.
Bad news!  Transmission fluid leaking, some kind of seal broken, a bearing shot---a day or two to repair at a cost of several thousand dollars.  We usually drive our vehicles until they die, and it looked like this one was on its death bed and would be costly to resurrect.  We discussed renting a van for the week ($400.) transferring all the "stuff"  and leaving the van for repair.  The mechanic suggested, "Why don't you just buy one?"  I explained it would have to be a white T & C.  White because it's a safe color and a T & C because all the back seats can be stowed when I'm hauling "stuff" for an antique show.

They had a 2010, one owner, white, T& C with low mileage and 50,000 miles still under warranty.  After checking the internet for the value of our 2005 T & C with `120,000 miles and a shot transmission, we considered trading.  After a bit of bargaining back and forth, we struck a deal, and within two hours we were the owners of a "newer" T & C.  Never have we bought a vehicle so quickly.

Then came the transfer of all the "stuff" from our van to the new one.  When I pack for an antique show, every item has a particular place.  I even have a "map" of how all the boxes are placed, and of course leaving room for Maggie's crate in which she travels.  A very helpful worker from Cox carefully unloaded and reloaded everything and we were on our way.
Unloading our cargo.
Transferring cargo from old van on right to newer van on left.
Maggie and her crate in new van ready to go.
We were pleased and impressed with all the folks at Cox Chrysler and Jeep. They were extremely helpful, and I think we got a fair deal on the trade.

Luckily, we have a day to relax here in New Bern before set up day on Thursday.  The show runs from Friday to Sunday.  


  1. Never too surprised with what my sister
    can get into..... :-)

  2. So far, three days, we feel we did okay in the trade. Anyway we were able to get down for the Show.