Monday, February 13, 2012

Becky's Husband Follows My Blog

Friends, Paula (left) and Becky (right) at Antique Show.
I had quite a surprise on Sunday afternoon at the Antique Show.  I was sitting in my booth when someone came up behind me and said, "dressed like a stolen car".  That was a comment that Paula, one of our fellow travelers on the trip to Italy had expressed when describing a young Italian woman the group had seen who was dressed---well "like a stolen car".  Mind you, I had not seen this woman Paula was describing nor had I ever heard this expression except from Paula.  I turned around and sure enough there was Paula and her friend Becky. 

Paula and Becky both live near Raleigh and had traveled with us on the NC State Alumni Trip to Italy while their husbands stayed home.   I asked how they knew I was in New Bern at the Antique Show and Becky said, "My husband follows your blog." (I had blogged that I was at the Show in New Bern).  So the two couples were down in the area on Sunday and decided to stop in at the Show.  We had not seen them since our return from Italy last fall, and I was so happy to see them and to meet their husbands. 

Becky's husband had begun following my blog when we were in Italy where I was blogging daily about our activities.  He was able to keep up with the group's activities.  He has just continued following the blog.  In fact I have inspired him to start his own blog so he can connect with his high school buddies.

Well, Becky's husband (I've forgotten your name) it was nice to meet you and Paula's husband and to see Becky and Paula.  Please tell them thanks for stopping by.  When I told Dan that Becky and Paula had stopped by, he was so disappointed that he did not get to see them.  He sends his regards, and we hope that we will see you next summer----perhaps in Nova Scotia? 


  1. It's a small world after all.

  2. Yes, Judy it is a small world. I was so glad to meet you and to know a blogger personally now.