Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Oh That Hardwood Floor!

Hardwood floor.
For several years I rolled my desk chair over our hardwood floor in the study without using a chair mat, and I completely wore the finish off the floor.  We finally decided to bite the bullet and have the floor refinished.  What an undertaking!  We moved the furniture into the guest bedroom temporarily and covered the bookcases and windows with plastic sheeting. Sanding makes an awful mess of dust.   Setting up the computers with all their attachments into another room was a major undertaking in itself. 
Everything moved to guest bedroom.
Floor before.
Floor after.

I found an area rug at Pottery Barn with wonderful colors that accent nicely the pale terra cotta of the newly painted walls.

Area rug from Pottery Barn.
Dan's side of the study.
My side of the study.
Our rearranged study with newly finished hardwood floor.
It was a major undertaking refinishing the floor, but we are happy with the results.  And now we both have chair mats to protect the floor.

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  1. What a pretty place to work. I especially like the area rug.