Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Murphy Bed: Now You See It, Now You Don't

Queen size Murphy Bed in our guest room.
In the early 80s Dan and I spent a summer working at the Laboratoire de Geologie near Marseille, France.  Patrick was with us. One week the three of us went up to Paris where we stayed in a friend's pied-a-terre.  The apartment was quite small but made use of the space by having a Murphy Bed.  I thought this bed was quite a novelty the way it just folded into the wall during the day, but never thought of having our very own Wall bed.

But when grandchildren began arriving in the 90s, I remembered that Murphy bed, and we outfitted our guest bedroom, aka "the grands room" with a Murphy or Wall Bed (http://www.wallbedsbywilding.com/). At night or at nap time the queen size bed came down for sleeping, but at other times it disappeared into the wall and the room converted to a  play room.
The grandchildrens' room or guest room.
Murphy Bed closed resembles a large armoire.
The locking mechanism prevents the bed from being lowered accidentally and locks the bed inside the cabinet when not in use--unlike how the Murphy Bed has been portrayed in the movies.

And the piston lift mechanism makes it easy to raise and lower the bed.

Now that the grands no longer need a play room when visiting, we can use the space for a nice reading corner when the cabinet is closed. And the bed makes a very comfortable bed for guests.
A quiet reading corner in guest bedroom with the Murphy Bed closed.

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