Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hellebores Blooming Now

Our Hellebores are blooming.

Hellebores are great shade plants and especially nice because in our grow zone they bloom in winter. The foliage is attractive and green all year round.  I've even cut a few blossoms to bring indoors.  Check out the many different varieties available at White Flower Farm. I want to order some of the more exotic varieties.
Winter Thriller Grape Galaxy (Photo from White Flower Farm website).
Winter Thrillers Green Gambler (Photo from White Flower Farm website).

Winter Thrillers Red Racer (Photo from White Flower Farm website).
Our hellebores are the common variety, Helleborus niger.  These are sometimes called Lenten rose or Christmas rose, but they are not members of the rose family.  The colored parts are not petals but actually sepals, and they can remain on the plant for several months.
It's nice to have fresh flowers from the garden in the winter.

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