Friday, December 2, 2011

What Do Roosters, Fresh Eggs, Pyrex and Corningware Have in Common?

Country Heritage Vintage and Farm Fresh Eggs
I was out at the NC State Fairgrounds Flea Market the other day, and I came upon a quirky, in a nice way, booth in the Education Building on the Hillsborough Street side.  Becky Jaber's Country Heritage Vintage and Farm Fresh Eggs has a potpourri of the most interesting "stuff".  Farm fresh eggs and her award-winning honey from her farm out in Wake Forest are for sale at reasonable prices.
Farm fresh eggs from Becky's farm.
 But the real attraction of Becky's booth is her extensive collection of vintage kitchen ware.
Corning ware from the 1970s when avocado was a popular color in the kitchen.
Corning ware in the cornflower blue pattern of the 1960s.
Colorful pyrex.
Rooster collection.
A customer happy with her vintage finds.
So roosters, fresh eggs, Pyrex and Corningware along with a lot of other vintage items can all be found at County Heritage Vintage and Farm Fresh Eggs at the NC State Fairground Flea Market.

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