Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Thank You Notes From Students: Donors Choose

Frank's coat-of-arms with removable swords.
Dan and I recently made a contribution to a "A Knight's Tale: Reading Adventure!" project of daughter Chris Livingstone through Donorschoose.org Our contribution helped to buy The Knight at Dawn books the students read in connection with their Social Studies unit on the Middle Ages. We recently received thank you notes from the students in her ESL class at Brogden Middle School in Durham.

As part of the thank you letters, Chris had the students design a coat-of-arms.  "First, they selected personal qualities they valued. Then they looked at a table of symbols used to express these values in the days of knights and created an original coat-of-arms using two colors and two other symbols."

Frank said, we have fun reading...thank you...thank you... He chose a snake as one of his symbols to show that ...I am an ambitious person. I added a sword to show that I want to help win wars.

Alexander's coat-of-arms.
Alexander said ...the tiger shows I am a fierce person...the colors blue and red symbolize loyalty and power.

Patricia's coat-of-arms.
 Patricia said: ...the colors red and green symbolize power and happiness. The snake shows I am an ambitious person.
Priscilla's coat-of-arms.
Priscilla said, ...The animal fox shows that I am an intelligent person. I added a crescent to show that I want to get a good education during my life.

I wish I could show you each of the student's designs. They all did a good job, and we were very pleased with the thank you notes they sent.

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