Friday, December 30, 2011

La Bella Vita: The Beautiful Life

Photo by Roz from la bell vita blog.

One of the blogs that I regularly follow is La Bella Vita.  This website has wonderful recipes and thoughts about food along with stunning photos.  Her photographs whether of food or nature or whatever topic she may be covering are absolutely beautiful.  But it's not just about food. I always feel inspired by her blog and I believe you would too.  Roz, the creator of this blog, describes her blog as follows:

Ciao! I live in the beautiful Carolina's on a peaceful country acreage surrounded by amazing natural beauty. I'm an Italian-Amercian from a long lineage of passionate cooks and gardeners. I've got a hungry husband and family to try new recipes on, 10 animals to play with, and veggie and flower gardens to tend. Along with being a culinary enthusiast and gardener, I'm a quilter, equestrian, frequent traveler, and lover of life and beauty . . . thus the name "La Bella Vita", "The Beautiful Life". . . because if you look around you, it truly is a beautiful life! After visiting my blog, I hope you feel inspired to welcome more beauty and deliciousness into your life.   

 Why don't you check out la bella vita 

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