Sunday, December 18, 2011

I Have a Great, Great Nephew

My sister up in Cleveland County recently became a great grandmother, and I was wondering what that makes me (other than old).  So I googled it and according to Wikipedia, that makes me a great great aunt.  And this cute little great grandson of my sister is my great great nephew. 
Baby Cason, one week old with a head full of beautiful black hair.  (Photo courtesy of Ally).

It's hard enough for me to realize that my niece is now a grandmother, but it's even harder to fathom that my sister is a great grandmother and I am a great great aunt.
My sister, Martha, Great Grandma to Cason. (Photo courtesy of Kelly.)

Grandmother, Kelly, with Cason. (Photo courtesy of Kelly.)
So now my sister is not only grand, but she is great.  And the new baby is not only grand, but great and doubly great. My niece is grand. And now I am doubly great!!!!  Don't you just love genealogy?

Cason at two weeks old. (Photo courtesy of Kelly.)

1 comment:

  1. Great grandmothers and great great aunts are
    getting younger all the time. :-)
    We are so blessed and happy to have Cason.
    Great GrandMawMaw Martha