Thursday, December 15, 2011

Great Little Kitchen Gadget

Nut Chopper by Progressive.(Photo from Progressive)
Many of the kitchen gadgets that I've been persuaded to buy because of some convincing ad have proven useless, but this Nut Chopper by Progressive is a great find.  It works beautifully for chopping nuts, either coarsely or finely, when you don't want to use the food processor.  I believe I ordered it after I had seen a positive review of it in the NY Times.  I've been using it a lot this Christmas season when I've needed chopped nuts for making English Toffee.

Chopping pecans for making English Toffee.
There are two settings, fine or coarse, depending on which way you turn the handle.  It's quick, and it cleans up quickly.  It's much easier to clean than a food processor.  Yes, this is one little kitchen gadget that lives up to its claims.

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