Thursday, December 29, 2011

City Lights with Charlie Chaplin

Our recent Netflix selection was Charlie Chaplin's "City Lights" which we watched the other night.  Both Dan and I are Chaplin fans, and I think "City Lights" is Chaplin's best movie.

In the main plot of "City Lights", The Little Tramp falls in love with a blind flower girl and he sets out to make enough money to provide her with an operation that will restore her sight.  After preventing a drunk millionaire from committing suicide the Tramp has an of and off relationship with the millionaire. They are best friends when the millionaire is drunk, but when sober the millionaire throws the tramp out. 

There are hilarious, slap-stick scenes in this movie.  One at a party where the Tramp is eating confetti (not spaghetti). 
Confetti not spaghetti.
When the tramp swallows a whistle and begins hiccuping, every hiccup produces a little whistle.
A swallowed whistle produces a whistle with every hiccup.

The Tramp manages to get the money (from the drunk millionaire) to enable the blind girl to restore her sight.  In the end the girl who can now see realizes that her love interest  is a tramp and not a millionaire.  The final shot brought tears to my eyes.
Now she can see.
Final shot.
For a full review of this 1931 film, check out this NY Times Movie Review.

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