Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pumpkin Muffins from a Mix

These cool fall days are perfect for making pumpkin muffins.  I usually make muffins from scratch, but Sunday I decided to make some from a mix, actually I tried two different mixes, Trader Joe's and Williams-Sonoma's.
Williams-Sonoma mix.

Trader Joe's mix.

A year or so ago I bought a set of silicon muffin cups from Williams-Sonoma, and they make it so easy to get the muffin out of the tin.

Williams-Sonoma sili-cups.

Muffins cooling.

I found both mixes to be good, but Trader Joe's is much less expensive than those from Williams-Sonoma (these do have pecans as well which could add a bit to the price). 
Somewhere I saw a suggestion that for Trader Joe's mix to make a healthier muffin add a can of pumpkin to the mix instead of the water, oil and egg. I tried this, but I found those a bit too dense.

Add canned pumpkin to the mix for a healthier muffin.
The "healthier" version, but not quite as tasty for me.

We have new neighbors here on Davis Street that I hadn't met (they moved in while we were traveling) so I took them some muffins as a "welcome to the neighborhood" gift. 

Muffins for the new neighbors.

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