Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Treehouse in Autumn

Tree house in back yard on hill behind maple tree.
Tree house from front.
As a child I always wanted a tree house, but I never had one until about ten years ago when we built one on the hill in our back yard.  The eight by eight foot house is not really in a tree, but it is on stilts and sits among the trees.  Later we added an eight by eight foot screen porch.  There are steep steps leading to the screen porch at the front.
Steep steps leading to screen porch.
At the back I have a door that is almost at ground level where I enter the tree house.  The grands usually climb up the steep steps.
Back door to tree house.
The screen porch is a great place to read especially in the fall of the year.

Rear view of screen porch.
Hammock chair, great place for reading.
Small door from tree house to porch with view of garage beyond.
In the winter, the sofa or bed in the tree house is a cozy place for reading.  When the grandchildren were younger, we would sometimes sleep up there.  Most of the grandchildren are too old now to enjoy the tree house, but after all it is MY tree house, and I still enjoy it.
Sofa or bed.
The sofa will fold down and make a double bed.

There is a nice view out the window over the trees and beyond the roof of the house below.
View out over the trees.
A tree house is nice for the young or the young at heart.


  1. Would be esp. nice with a slow rain shower while reading... or sleeping. which would happen to me as I read myself to sleep.
    Great pictures

  2. I've fallen asleep many times up there while reading. There is a slow rain this morning, but unfortunately I have a very busy day and won't be able to escape to the tree house today.