Thursday, November 24, 2011

Lunch at Pullen Park

Enclosed carrousel in Pullen Park.
After being closed for two years during its renovation, Pullen Park opened this past weekend. I went over Sunday, but the crowd was so large I couldn't find a parking place.  So I waited  and went for my morning walk over there on Monday.  It was not so crowded then.

The carrousel.

The carrousel has been beautifully restored and is now enclosed so it will be protected  from the weather and will stay open year round.

The little train has been refurbished too.

It's very nostalgic going to the Park because we took our children and grandchildren many times to ride the carrousel or the train or to just have a picnic in the park.  Now my children are grown, and all but two of my grandchildren are too old to take to the park--well the grown children and grandchildren might enjoy a picnic there.
The red caboose provides fun for the children.
Extensive playground for the children.
The lake with the paddle boats.
The cafe that features locally produced food.
One new feature is the Pullen Place Cafe.  The Cafe features seasonal and locally grown foods.

The Cafe.
By the time I finished my walk and my wandering around the park it was lunch time so I had lunch at the Pullen Place.  I chose a baked sweet potato topped with butter, brown sugar and pecans.  The potato and the pecans were grown locally.  The cold apple cider that I chose was also produced locally.
Sweet potato and apple cider.
We in Raleigh are fortunate to have such a wonderful park.  The renovations are beautiful.  I think I am going to plan a picnic in Pullen Park for all the family, and the young or young at heart can ride the carrousel too.


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  1. Very nice..... we still have the carrousel and train a the Shelby City Park. I use to ride them
    both. Of course they have been refurbished.....
    unlike me LOL