Friday, November 4, 2011

"I'm not late, I'm just slow"

Three quotes from folks in the tour group of our recent trip to Italy stick in my mind.  Dania our tour guide was explaining to us that in some of the regions we would be visiting she would not be allowed to give us information, but that we would have to rely on guides in the region who were authorized.   Apparently guides have to be authorities for the regions where they are giving information.  One of our tour members, Jesse, told Dania, "Oh just make it up!"  Now whenever I or someone is just "making it up" I refer to that as a "Jesse-ism"  or to "Jesse's version".  (You might want to check my blog of September 28).

Dania, our wonderful tour director.

Jesse said, "Oh, just make it up."

One evening most of the group observed a young lady that was really "dressed up"---tight dress, spike heels, flashy jewelry--I didn't actually see her, but others were talking about how she was dressed.  Paula said she was "dressed like a stolen car!".  I never heard that expression before.  I'm sorry I don't have a photo to illustrate it.

Paula used the expression, "dressed like a stolen car".

"I'm not late, I'm just slow."

On our way to Venice, Dania explained that the Venetians were very laid back and casual.  She mentioned a Venetian friend from college who was always late.  When asked why, the friend said, "I'm not late, I'm just slow."  Now when I or others are late, I'll have to think "Oh, we're not late just slow".

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  1. Oh, I see that's my problem----slow not late. Ha! Judy