Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Guest Blogger: Shelley Fink-Brackett

Shelley and her husband, Jesse. were among the NC State Alumni group that toured Italy with us in September.   Shelley is a great photographer, and today she is a guest on my blog sharing some of her photos and comments.

Shelley and Jesse in Florence. Photo by Gray Lewis another member of the tour.
Shelley and Jesse are on the Ponte Alle Graczie over the Arno River with the Ponte Vecchio in the background.  They were on their way to a restaurant recommended by a neighbor from Newport News.
Photo by Shelley Fink-Brackett.
"Horse drawn carriages are the gondolas of Florence.  They are everywhere waiting to carry tourists around the city.  I had heard the expression 'strapping on the feed bag', but had never seen one.  After many photos of carriages and horses I came upon a horse fully engrossed in the contents of the bag.  The white horse looked on with envy as if to say 'why are you getting food and not me'." SFB

Photo by Shelley Fink-Brackett.
"These two dogs were in the Piazza Grande in front of the Hall of Justice in Perugia.  They were oblivious to the frenzy created by the world renown murder trial going on a few blocks away." SFB

Photo by Shelley Fink-Brackett.
"Assisi was the home of Saint Francis, the patron saint of animals.  One of Francis' pigeons joined us for lunch at a sidewalk pizzeria.  Pigeons kept their distance unless invited for a piece of crust, but were quick to check out tables vacated by diners.  This pigeon didn't find much on the table beside us and glared at us hoping he could make us uncomfortable enough to cut lunch short and leave behind something more appetizing." SFB

Thank you Shelley for sharing your photos and comments.

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