Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fiber Visions: Art to Wear

Fiber Visions

One of the most beautiful booths at the Carolina Designer Craftsmen Guild's Show this past weekend was Joanna White's Fiber Visions( http://www.fiber-visions.com). 
Her hand painted silk garments in vibrant blues, purples, greens and shades of orange truly are "art to wear". 
Hand-painted silk kimono with machine quilting.

Artist Joanna White.

"Silk is a living, breathing fiber that reflects light and has an inner radiance that brings forth the beauty of the wearer. Painting on silk is like flying in beautiful skies . . . the dyes move and flow magically on stretched white silk."
Joanna White

For a description of Joanna's technique and to see more of her beautiful art, check out her website:

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