Sunday, November 6, 2011

Everything Comes Out in the Wash

The floor mat in our laundry room, Chatfield.Rd.
I love washing clothes when I am at Chatfield Rd, because I can hang clothes on the line to dry.  In Raleigh we don't have a clothes line.  The only place we could put one would be in the front yard, and I'm not sure that would be acceptable in our neighborhood.  But think how much energy can be saved by using "solar energy" to dry our clothes.  And I love the crisp fragrance of clothes dried in the outdoors.

Our sheets drying on a sunny day, Chatfield Rd.
I was at a craft show here in Cleveland County yesterday, and one of the potters, Ron Philbeck, uses clothes lines as a theme on his pottery.  I couldn't resist; I bought this delightful little dish

Pottery dish with clothes line theme by Ron Philbeck.
I'm so intrigued  by clothes lines I take photos of them whenever I'm traveling.

Clothes drying in Port Hawkesbury,  Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.
Somewhere in Italy.

In Venice.
I wonder what the neighbors would say if we installed a clothes line in our front yard in Raleigh.  Maybe we could start a trend.

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