Saturday, November 5, 2011

Barbecue and More Barbecue

I'm visiting in Cleveland County now.  Cleveland County is known for its great barbecue, but last night there was Q and more Q at the Fairground's Hog Happnin'.  I usually eat barbecue when I'm in Shelby---either Red Bridges or Alston Bridges barbecue. This event allowed me to sample a lot of different barbecue.  My friend PJ, her granddaughter Kristen, and I went over to partake.

PJ and Kristen getting tickets for the tasting.
One of many vendors.
Clever signs of vendors.

Barbecued beef and chicken.
These ribs were delish!

Some of the trophies that one of the vendors had won over the years.
 I think I've had quite enough barbecue for a while.  Probably until I visit Cleveland County again.

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