Sunday, November 27, 2011

Autumn Leaves: Raking Of and Playing In

Red oak in yard with a lot of leaves yet to fall.
Growing up in the country one of my favorite memories of autumn is that of raking up a big pile of leaves and playing in them.  We lived in a wooded area, and in the fall we would rake the leaves off the lawn into large piles and burn them.  We didn't compost back then.  To this day whenever I smell leaves burning it takes me back to those childhood days.
A pile of leaves I raked up on the back patio.
We are in a heavily wooded neighborhood here in Raleigh, and although our son Patrick takes care of most of our landscaping needs, I occasionally indulge in some leaf-raking as I did the other day.  I still enjoy it.  Of course we don't burn the leaves, but pile them along the curb for the city to collect and compost. 
Leaves along the curb ready for collection by city.
Grands in the leaves Thanksgiving 2007.
Children still enjoy playing in a pile of leaves.  Four years ago on Thanksgiving my grandchildren were out in the yard romping in a pile of leaves.  That provided a great photo op for me, and the grands were delighted to have their picture taken in the leaves.
Grands in the leaves Thanksgiving 2011.
This year on Thanksgiving there was a big pile of leaves in the yard, and  I thought I would recreate the leaf pile photo.  It was not easy coaxing the grands (especially the boys) to pose for the photo (What a difference four years make). You can tell from their expression they're not having as much fun as they did four years ago.  I wonder what their reaction will be next Thanksgiving when I declare, "It's time for the leaf pile photo!"

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