Tuesday, November 1, 2011

African Ghost aka Grandpat

African ghost aka Grandpat
 Despite the rain, a number of the little ghouls and goblins in our neighborhood made it by for trick-or-treating.  I like to dress in my African ghost "costume" when I hand out the treats to the youngsters.  It's a simple costume.  I wrap a white sheet around me and hold the African death mask that Dan brought back from Africa years ago in front of my face and it's quite scary.  I didn't fool the kids though.  They knew it was Grandpat or Grace's grandmother.  A number of the neighborhood children are in school with Grace and Tyler, my grands.

Lily, Lilian, Emma & Reid.

Maddie & Mia
Bumblebee (Abby), Nicholas & friend.
Chef & Virginia football player.
Grace (on left) & her friend both dressed as Ki$ha. 

Fun Halloween in the neighborhood.

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  1. That would scare me................ LOL