Monday, October 31, 2011

My Grands on Halloweens Past

Brooks dressed as a pirate when he was six in 2003.
My two older grandchildren are too old to trick or treat so I'll post photos of them in their costumes in years past.  In 2003 Brooks dressed as a pirate and Zach dressed as a cowboy.

Zach dressed as a cowboy in 2003 when he was nine.
Perhaps the two younger ones will trick or treat this year, but in any case here they are in Halloweens past.

Tyler at Halloween in 2004 when he was five.

Grace as a UNC cheerleader when she was four in 2005. 

I miss having the grands too old to Trick or Treat, but fortunately we have some new families in the neighborhood with small children, so we will be looking forward to them coming by tonight.

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  1. These are precious Pat! Grace looks so much like you when you were younger!