Monday, October 24, 2011

Dana and Wayne's Wedding

The bride with her father, Steve.

When my cousin Dana Daniels was a teenager she would sometimes stay with us when she was down this way playing in a state tennis tournament.  She was a terrific little tennis player, and now she's all grown up.  Yesterday she married Wayne Hearn, who coincidentally is a tennis coach.   The wedding at the Ranson House in Huntersville was beautiful, and we visited with a lot of family members we don't see very often.  Great fun!!

The groom arrives.   

Wedding guests included the bride's aunts and uncle.

Aunt Debby.

Aunt Robin.

Uncle Johnny & Aunt Linda.

Dana and Wayne exchange vows.

Getting ready for a family photo.
Tent all ready for the reception.

Father (Steve) and Mother (Joan) arriving at reception.

Lara, the bride's sister and maid of honor, arriving at reception.
Linda with grandson, Jack, at reception.
Dan and Pat at reception.
Weddings are always fun, and this one was especially so. It was also kind of a family reunion.  Best wishes to Dana and Wayne. 


  1. The bride is beautiful, and I love her dress----sooo pretty. Sounds like a fun wedding.

  2. Thanks Pat! These pics are great! We are so glad you and Dan could make it to the wedding! Love Joan

  3. What a beautiful bride!