Sunday, September 4, 2011

I get off on '27 Chevys...(With apologies to Eric Clapton)

Tracy MacLean and his '27 Chevy.

Whenever our car needs an oil change or whenever I have the urge to go antiquing, I head over to Tracy MacLean's Garage in Orangedale.  Tracy has a university degree in economics, but he came back home and set up his own garage and antique shop.  He's a great mechanic and a great collector of old cars among other old things.
Next year I'm taking a ride in this.
Housed upstairs, over his garage, is his 1927 Chevy.  He can drive it in from the back, and yes it's road-ready, but he didn't have it out the other day I was over.   It reminds me of Eric Clapton's song, "I've Got A "Rock n' Roll Heart"--I get off on '57 Chevys...

Nice hood ornament.

Spare tire on back.

I love Eric Clapton, and I love Tracy's '27 Chevy.



  1. What a wonderful car. Love your blog.

  2. YOu never know who or what you can find in your neibourhood, Love 57 chevys and Eric Clapton