Monday, September 5, 2011

Faster Than a Speeding Bullet...

Our Seaside antenna to high speed internet.
No I’m not talking about Superman, it’s our new high speed internet connection provided by Seaside here in Cape Breton.  Okay, sometimes it’s not really that fast, but compared to the dial up connection we were using, it’s terrific.   Dial-up took forever (at least overnight) to download a large file and our phone was tied up since we didn’t have a separate line and everyone wanted to know why our phone line was always busy. Well, that’s no longer the case.  In May we hooked up with Seaside, and  we get a strong signal that is apparently bounced off a tower over in Big Pond across the lake.

Modern technology is within our reach here in remote Cape Breton.  Although, I should mention we can’t get cell phone service down here at the house.  We have to drive over to the Village or even into town to use our cell phone.

 The dial-up connection that we had prior to Seaside was better than snail mail.  It takes almost  two weeks  for a letter mailed from Marble Mountain to get to its destination  in NC   And conversely.

There are advantages to snail mail though.  Back home I have a file labeled “letters from relatives” and in it are letters from various family members–most sent years ago. I can go back and read these letters, and it’s like a family visit.   And those letters aren’t rife with JKs, LOLs, IMHOs and other acronyms.  I can’t imagine that years from now my grandchildren will have a file labeled “emails from Grandpat”.  Nor do I have a file labeled “emails from relatives.”  Yes, communication has changed;  it’s  fast now but alas ephemeral

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