Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dan's Pink Apple Sauce

Yellow Transparent apples.

Pink tinged on side "kissed" by the sun.
When Dan’s father, Harrison, bought the Cape Breton, Marble Mountain property in 1960 there was an apple orchard from the time it was farmed by Johnny Down MacKenzie.  So the few apple trees that remain today are well over fifty years old.  One of our favorites is the Yellow Transparent .  The apple is an heirloom from Russia, pale yellow to greenish yellow, with one side showing a pink tinge where it has been kissed by the sun. The flesh is crisp and juicy, and the flavor is reminiscent of a Granny Smith but a little less tart. 
Our single Yellow Transparent apple tree.
Our single tree is decaying, and each year we wonder whether it will be standing and producing apples.  Last year and this it has produced adequate crops.  These apples are the first to ripen and the best for pies and for applesauce.  And last year and this, Dan has made delicious applesauce from the apples.  When the yellowish-green apples are cooked they turn a lovely shade of pink.  And we have pink apple sauce. 
The apples turn pink when cooked.
Dan's pink apple sauce is mighty good.

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