Sunday, August 7, 2011

Off to Nova Scotia with Maggie

Dan and I are heading back to Marble Mountain, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, and this time we are flying rather than driving.  And we're taking Maggie, our little three-year old mixed terrier, in the cabin with us.  We purchased a Sherpa carrier, and Maggie is very fond of it.  We call it her "taxi".  We say "Maggie, go to your taxi" and she runs and gets in the carrier.  Of course we trained her by providing treats.  We're just hoping that the carrier with Maggie inside will fit under the seat of the airplane.

A week or so ago, we made a trial run out to RDU.  With Maggie zipped into her 'taxi" we drove out to the airport and rolled her around in the terminal for a bit so she would be familiar with the noises there.  Her Sherpa will sit atop the Spinner Carry-on that we purchased from Travel Smith and that makes it easy for us to transport her.  She's had a lot of experience riding in her "taxi"when Dan takes her over to Durham to visit the other dogs in the family.  But tomorrow will be her first plane ride.

Now our bags are packed, Maggie is aware something is going on, but she will be surprised early in the morning when we board the plane and take off for Nova Scotia.  Stay tuned and I'll let you know how she likes traveling by air.