Friday, August 19, 2011

The Good Samaritan at the Glad Tidings Christmas Shoppe

Glad Tidings Christmas Shoppe
    Cape Bretoners are known for their warm hospitality, and Marion MacLeod of the Glad Tidings Christmas Shoppe in St. Peters, Nova Scotia is an extraordinary example.  Last year when planning a “Christmas in July” party I needed some Christmas decorations.  I invited a friend to go with me to St. Peters, which is across the lake and about an hour from here, to visit the Shoppe and to have lunch.

Upon arrival at the Shoppe I realized I had left my purse at home—no money, no credit card and no driver’s license.  My friend offered to lend me money, but I asked Marion (who I had just met) if I could call my husband and get the credit card information for my purchases.  I got the information and expressed concern that I hoped the restaurant where I was to take my friend for lunch would allow me to do the same.  Marion asked if I planned to be back in St. Peters during the summer.  I replied that I did, and she said “Wait a minute.” and she disappeared into her house which is attached to her Shoppe.  Back she came and handed me five twenty dollar bills and said “You can pay me back when you are next here.”

We were in St. Peters yesterday, and I stopped to visit Marion at the Shoppe and to thank her again for her generosity

Visit the Christmas Shoppe at

Marion MacLeod and her granddaughter Jillian

A lovely Christmas throw at Glad Tidings.

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