Tuesday, August 23, 2011

An Early Morning Walk Through St. Peter's, Nova Scotia

Chubby's converted school bus diner.
I was up early the other morning over in St. Peter's where we had stayed overnight and found it a perfect time to walk through the little town as it was waking up.  Chubby's  serves only lunch in the converted school bus diner.  No breakfast here.

Tweety Bird fire hydrant.
The fire hydrants in town are painted to resemble cartoon characters, and this little Tweety Bird brought a smile to my face.
A sign observed in town.

There was very little traffic at this early hour, nevertheless, I found this sign reassuring.  St. Peter's has a high percentage of retired seniors among its population.

Nova Scotia has many beautiful churches, and  this United Church in St. Peter's is inspiring in its simplicity.

St.Peter's United Church of Canada.
Streetlights, reminiscent of old lamp lights, are adorned with beautiful hanging baskets of petunias and other flowers.
A St. Peter's streetlight.

A nice walk, but now it's time to head back to the Bras d' Or Inn for breakfast!

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  1. It is a wonderful little village. We are very proud! Chubby's has a little "offering" called Newfie Fries. It is french fries topped with sliced turkey, homemade turkey stuffing, turkey gravy and shredded cheese. Not one bit healthy but SOOOO tasty. A little cranberry sauce on the side and you could call it thanksgiving in a take out tray. :)