Saturday, August 20, 2011

Among my Fav-o-rite Things: Vintage Aluminum Pot

Whenever I'm ready to cook oatmeal, without the crock pot, or vegetables or make soup, I look for the heavy three-quart aluminum vintage pot that has been in the family since Dan was a child.  If others have been cooking, I may have to dig around in the back of the cabinet to find it, because few other family cooks share my enthusiasm for this pot.

Vintage Wear-Ever Aluminum Pot
The pot is very heavy with a secure handle that grips nicely and a lid that fits tightly to retain steam.  Because of the thickness of the aluminum, food doesn't burn easily.  I've looked on Ebay occasionally to see if I can find another like it with no luck.  The mark on the bottom of the pot reads "No.986, WEAR-EVER, Aluminum Trade-Mark, Made in Canada".  I suspect it is 1940s or perhaps even 1930s vintage.
Back mark.
This old pot is among my favorite things in the Marble Mountain house.  I wonder how many cooks over the years have prepared potatoes, turnips, peas, or carrots with the pleasure this pot gives me.

Making soup in my favorite pot.


  1. I have Ware Ever; bought it before I married Jim. I can't find a new handle for my small frying pan. It's really great stuff. I'm envious of your soup pot! Other than handles,the pieces are so durable I can see them lasting for generations. Unfortunately I ruined the outside finish on mine trying to clean w/ oven clearer . . .

    Wish you were here. Trying to figure out how to get to The Help. Things are fairly calm. Bob and I baked an apple pie from scratch yesterday and Chloe's here until the afternoon, so we're all getting fat together.

    There was a big crown at the north end of the lake this morning, so I knew the doe was back begging bread with the ducks and geese. She is one beautiful animal and is entirely reckless.

  2. The handle on this soup pot is extremely durable.