Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Among My Fav-o-rite Things: Our Four Seasons Quilt

In 1996 friends Peggy and Baker Rhyne from North Carolina visited us. Since we are in a remote country location, I met them in town so that I could guide them to our place.  Across from Tim Horton’s, in a vacant lot, a tag sale was underway.  Neither Peggy nor I can resist a yard sale so we hurried over to have a look.  That’s when I spotted this lovely quilt designed to be used as a wall hanging.

Although the appliqued houses lack perspective, I felt that the rich colors especially the deep burgundy and  royal blue would brighten our newly constructed sun room and would provide a color pallet around which I could decorate. I especially liked the assorted plaids woven into the patchwork suggesting Scottish tartans.

The piece is not old but is hand-quilted, though not by an expert, but neither by a novice, and I like its primitive nature.
Tree in spring.

Tree in summer.                                   

It was not until I hung it on the sun room wall that I noticed the four trees suggesting the four seasons–spring, summer, fall, winter.  I call it our four seasons quilt, and it is among my favorite things in the Marble Mountain house.

Tree in fall.
Tree in winter.


  1. Beautiful quilt. One of my favorite bloggers.