Monday, August 22, 2011

Among My Fav-o-rite Things: Canada Goose in Diaper

Several years ago at the Raleigh NC Fairgrounds Flea Market  I found just what I had been looking for to fill a vacant space behind our sofa in the Marble Mountain house sun room.    The wooden folk-art Canada goose may have been used as a weather vane, because it was finished on both sides and appeared to have  been mounted on a pole so that it would swivel.

On our next trip to Marble Mountain, I proudly declared the twenty dollars that I had paid for my new-found “sculpture” as I passed through Canadian customs. Once in the sun room, it was important to prepare a proper setting for my goose.  Our friend, Frances, and I painted the wall sky blue, and Frances painted clouds against the blue.  We mounted the goose so that it would appear to be flying south to NC from whence it came.
Folk-art goose above sun room sofa.

"Goose in Diaper"

My folk-art Canada goose is one of my favorite things in the Marble Mountain house, but Dan laughs and calls it “Goose in Diaper”.   Later, when our artist friend, James, from Greensboro visited, he too laughed and declared the name appropriate.

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