Saturday, February 18, 2017

Ni Fen Kitchen in Shelby

Ni Fen Kitchen in Shelby.

One of my favorite restaurants in Shelby is the Ni Fen Bistro,  and now there is a second Ni Fen Kitchen that has opened, and Peggy Jean and I had lunch there recently.  The Kitchen does not disappoint.  The decor is simple, sunny and inviting.
Simple decor in sunny yellow,

A simple arrangement of tulips in the window adds a nice touch. 

The food is just as delicious as the Bistro and what diners have come to expect. The Kitchen is more casual and is open for lunch Monday through Friday.

The white bean chili soup was just the thing for a cold day, and it had just enough Southwestern spices to make it spicy but not too.

For dessert we shared an apple cinnamon fritter with ice cream and caramel sauce.  Yum!
Apple cinnamon fritter. 

Outside seating at Ni Fen Kitchen. 
The food scene in Shelby has certainly improved since Jeanette opened her two restaurants!!  I'll revisit the Kitchen when I'm in Shelby next month.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Women's March in Raleigh, NC

In Raleigh (Photo by Ben McKeown)
Organized in solidarity with the Women’s March in Washington, the goal of this March in Raleigh and those across the country, indeed across the world, was to send a bold message to the nation’s new government on their first day in office that women’s rights are human rights.  And I was proud to be among those in Raleigh, NC who gathered to make this clear to the new administration.  In my young days I marched for Civil Rights and I marched for the ERA, and somehow I thought as I approach eighty my marching days would be over.  Not so it turns out.  

In Raleigh, they estimated a crowd of 5,000 would march on the sidewalks from City Plaza to Moore Square and no streets were predicted to be closed.  To the surprise of even the organizers an estimated 17,000 turned out and many of the streets in downtown Raleigh were indeed closed.  Traffic came to a halt. 
For my granddaughter.
My participation was to make clear that I for one was going to hold this new administration's feet to the fire and when they try to step on women's rights (afterall women's rights are human rights), when they refuse to protect the environment, when they do not support an increase in the minimum wage,  when they do not support public education; then I will be right here in opposition and I will let my opposition be known to our public servants.  These marches were not one day events, but the beginning of a movement.  I intend to write letters, to make phone calls,  and to march again when necessary.  I am so proud to say that many of my friends and relatives, women AND MEN (in Washington, DC, in Portland, Oregon, in Alaska, in Greensboro, NC,  in Charlotte NC, in NY City, in British Columbia, and in Melbourne Australia) participated in these marches.  Proud of y'all!!!!

My friend Jan marching in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada (second from right.)
The son of a friend of mine was marching with his mother in Washington. (Photo by Ava Barlow)
My friend and Dan's former graduate student Curt with his wife in Washington. Dan would be proud and so am I.  Thank you.

My sentiments too! A friend took this photo while at the Washington March.  (Photo by Janet Taylor)

The Raging Grannies are a choral group of grandmothers in Raleigh.

Our future is in our young people.  

Our Congressman, David Price, was there. 

So listen up Mr. President, we are watching very carefully!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Gadding About at The Green Chair Project

I recently had some nice furniture that I wanted to donate to a worthy cause and a friend told me about The Green Chair Project.  I am so impressed with this organization that I plan to donate much more to them as I try to downsize a bit.  Here's the mission of the Project:

Our Mission Statement

Working together to provide everyone the comforts of home.

Our mission is to reuse donated household furnishings to renew lives of participants referred from area programs who are recovering after homelessness, crisis or disaster.

The other day Debbie and I took some of the smaller donations I wanted to make to them, and I talked with them about picking up the larger pieces of furniture that I planned to donate.  

The entryway was beautifully decorated and there were green chairs of all sizes around the area.  And lots of other "green" things. 

Bryan, one of the volunteers, took us on a tour of the area where the clients can shop. There are several packages from which they choose, and the clients use their own money, but the money goes much further here than at most places.  

There's a beautiful collection of artwork too.

One choice they can make is a kitchen pack. The clients can choose their own color scheme and select things that they will enjoy in their new home.  

Yes, this is a wonderful organization, and Debbie and I thoroughly enjoyed our visit.  I'm even thinking of volunteering for them.  And certainly any future donations of household goods from me will be to The Green Chair Project.

Check out their website here.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

2016 in Review

As I begin 2017 today, I look back on 2016.  It was a sad year in many ways because I lost several people that I love very much.  Our jack-of-all trades Steve passed in February and in March I lost my sweet Dan.  In the fall Joe who had been with Dan during the crocodile attack passed away.  Here are some photos to show some of the events of 2016.

January:  two of my grandsons on the UNC JV basketball team  Zach (14) and Brooks (15)

February: Grandson Tyler and his date at the Queen of Hearts Dance.
May:  Brooks and Missy traveled with me to Cape Breton.

May: Beautiful flower arrangement at Memorial Service for Dan.

September:  Becky and Paula traveled with me to Cape Breton.
September:  We scattered Dan's ashes in the meadow overlooking the lake in Cape Breton.
October:  My little great grand niece as Raggedy Ann on Halloween.
November:  Granddaughter Grace a cheerleader at Broughton where she is a freshman.
November:  Zach visits Claire in Copenhagen. 
December:  Snow at Marble Mountain as viewed on our webcam at the house there. 
December:  Christmas Eve dinner at the house. 
And now I am looking forward to the New Year.  Wishing peace and good health to all!

Monday, December 19, 2016

Gadding About at IKEA During the Holidays

Whenever I make a trip to Shelby, I pass by the Swedish store, IKEA.  Although IKEA is known mainly for its modern and reasonably priced home furnishings it has a cafeteria with an interesting assortment of Swedish dishes.  Recently I was there near lunchtime, and I stopped to have a bite to eat. I had a smoked salmon burger, my favorite drink, lingonberry juice, and a chocolate pastry or candy.  All were quite good.

After lunch I thought I would have a quick trip around the store, but I had forgotten that there's nothing quick about getting through the store even at a fast pace.  I wasn't looking for anything, just looking which I rarely do. If I go shopping it is to look for something in particular.  I'm actually not fond of shopping for the sake of shopping.

There were lots of decorations for the Christmas season.  Pretty red and white tins, Christmas balls in silver and gold, and wrapping paper.

I did find a pretty pillow with cats in black on white.  I bought two---one for the Chatfield house and the other as a gift for a friend who really loves anything feline and who has two black and white cats.  They had quite an assortment of stuffed animals, and I've always wanted a Husky so I put one in the cart and brought it home.  It can be a buddy for Maggie.

One of the drawbacks of shopping at IKEA is the long line at checkout, and this was especially true for the holiday shopping.