Monday, March 19, 2018

Gadding About in West Palm Beach with Cousins

Beautiful palm trees in Robin's back yard.  
Last week I drove down to West Palm Beach with cousins Joan, Rick and Gary to visit cousins Robin and Elizabeth (Joan's daughter and granddaughter). Robin and her husband Ken have bought a lovely retirement house there where they plan to spend the winters. Elizabeth who teaches at a University there is a permanent resident.  I always enjoy spending time with first cousin Joan and her lovely family, but this visit was particularly nice.  The weather was perfect and the company delightful.

Robin and Ken's house is beautiful inside and out with Robin's unique decorator's touch inside and tropical landscaping outside.
A collection of daughter Rebecca's drawings grabs one's attention on a living room wall. 

A closeup of one of Rebecca's drawings. 

The front of the house. 

Back patio. 

Joan enjoying the back patio in the afternoon. 

Robin and Gary playing Cornhole on the back patio at night. 

In addition to the cousins I enjoyed their dogs, Gus, Tom, and Banjo.
Elizabeth's dog Banjo resting after a run at the nearby dog park. 
Robin's King Charles Spaniels, Tom and Gus, enjoying their favorite chair.  

We had lots of good food, and then did a lot of walking to get rid of some of those calories.
Elizabeth's delicious cake with Blood Orange icing.  

Scallops and wild rice at Sailfish Marina and Resort Restaurant. 
We shared a slice of Key Lime Pie.  You can't go to West Palm Beach without  having at least one bite.. 
Beautiful neighborhood for walking.
On our walk we passed this beautiful lake in their neighborhood, and Rick is checking it out.  
I walked over two miles one day while there. 

After three days I left the glorious weather of West Palm Beach and flew to Brooklyn where I was greeted with snow.  More about that later.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

At the Ballgame in Allen Fieldhouse: Kansas v Baylor

Allen Fieldhouse. 

Saturday morning Zach and I had a slow start and headed to downtown Lawrence where we got breakfast at Wheatfield Bakery.  The food was good and the baked goods were spectacular.

Brunch at Wheatfield Bakery.  Notice the large cinnamon roll.

I had a meatball grinder.  
After our breakfast, guess it was brunch because it was noon, we had planned to find a pub where we could watch the UNC ballgame that was starting at 1:00 Kansas time.  At the Bakery there was a group of women with Pussy Hats on, and I asked if they had been to a Women's March.  They explained that the March was at 1:00 just down the street, so I decided to go with them and let Zach find a pub and watch the game.  Zach was reluctant to have me go off on my own, but I explained I would get Uber back to the Fieldhouse and meet him for the 5:00 ballgame and that I would be okay.
Rosie the Riveter.

Women's March in Lawrence Kansas. 

Back at the Fieldhouse we entered through a door designated for family and guests of players to get our tickets.  Our seats were in a great spot behind the Baylor team.  We got there in time to watch the teams warm up.
Kansas warming up for game. 
Kansas got off to a great start and was leading by double digits early in the game, but Baylor kept inching up and with a few minutes left Baylor was leading, but Kansas made a comeback and won the game by three points.  During those last minutes Devonte' stole the ball and then with Kansas leading by only one Devonte' made two foul shots to insure that Baylor would be able to only tie the game in the final seconds.  Baylor didn't.  It was very nerve wracking at the end of the game.
Devonte's cheering section.  Left to right: His Mom, his cousin, his sister, and me.  
We hung around to see Devonte' after the game, and then I went back to the motel happy but pretty tired.  Zach went back into town to meet Devonte' and some of his friends for a few hours of partying.  Zach enjoyed seeing how popular Devtone' is and how folks were coming up and high fiving him.
His Mom is happy after the win.  

Zach congratulating Devonte' on the win. 

I've never watched an NBA game, but next year I will definitely be following Devonte' .  I hope he gets drafted by a team that is fairly close to Raleigh, because attending an NBA game where he will be playing is on my Bucket List.

Gadding About with #4 in Lawrence, Kansas

Devonte' Graham
I first was awed by Devonte' Graham while attending my first basketball game at Daniels Middle School where my grandson Zach was on the team.  There was this phenomenal little kid hitting 3 pointers right and left, stealing the ball, making great passes, and I exclaimed "Who is THAT kid?"  His grandmother, Doris King McCain who was sitting behind me, tapped me on the shoulder and said, "That's my grandson."  I have followed Devonte' ever since.  He and Zach played together at Daniels, at Broughton, and played in the State Championship Game together at the Dean Dome in 2013.

After a year at Brewster Academy, Devonte' was signed by Bill Self at Kansas where he has had a spectacular four-year career.  As I followed the Jayhawks, I told Zach that we must go to Lawrence to see Devonte' play.  This past weekend, I marked this off my Bucket List.  What a grand time we had!!!!

We met Devonte' on Friday night at Jefferson's a popular bar/restaurant on Mass Avenue.  Zach and I had arrived a bit early and claimed a table.  When Devonte' walked in you could see heads turn, because he is well-recognized and admired both off and on the court.  Devonte' is kind and thoughtful, and when young boys wanted to have their pictures made with him as we left the restaurant, he happily obliged.   He is quite the celebrity in Lawrence.
Having dinner at Jefferson's. 

After dinner, Devonte' took us on a tour of Allen Fieldhouse, the athletic facilities and his dorm.  It was all mind-boggling!
The practice court. 

Allen Fieldhouse empty at night and ready for Saturday night's game. 

Balls ready for the upcoming game.

Devonte' and Zach at center court. 

The locker room. 

Zach and I left his dorm all psyched up and ready for the game on Saturday night.

(To be continued.  Stay tuned.)

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Winter Wonderland on Davis Street

Patio out front of dining room.  See Maggie over near the fence. 
It's January 2018 and we have had the most beautiful snow here in Raleigh.  Wet snow began falling mid morning and is still falling into the evening.  Here are a few shots from around Davis Street.
Back yard umbrella that I should have taken in.

Back yard. 
Whirly gig and Cat and the Fiddle in Front Yard. 

The gator at front porch.

Pretty trees out front. 

Front patio. 
View out the dining room window.

View from living room window. 

Plant out on deck. 

Neighbor's house. 

This is the prettiest snow I've seen in a long time.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

My New Gadget: A Clothes Tower or Ladder

Clothes Tower or Clothes Ladder. 

Always in the beginning of a new year, I look around and decide I need to get more organized and have less clutter.  Something popped up on my FB or maybe it was my email that caught my attention.  It is called a Clothes Tower*, but I think of it more as a Clothes Ladder.  It leans up against the wall and can be moved around from place to place if you wish. 

I had a chair in this spot in my bedroom where I often put down clothes that I didn't want to hang up or weren't ready for the clothes hamper.  Or maybe I put clothes on the bed.  Anyway I decided this would be a way to keep my clothes a little more organized when they are not in the closet.

Now I can give the chair that was in that spot to one of my grandsons who will be moving out into their own space soon.  Or if they aren't interested, I will donate it to The Green Chair Project.

Now if I could find some new gadget that would get my study more organized!!!

*Sorry I can't remember where I ordered this, but if you are interested you could probably google and find it.  I highly recommend it.